Stewardship Guidelines

What do we expect of each other as Acton Land Stewards?

We make sure that each of the following tasks gets done for our assigned parcel. No one is expected to do all these tasks personally – we make sure they get done by asking for help, and by notifying the appropriate folks on the committee. Together, we are responsible for all of these tasks on all of the parcels.

To be done in the course of walking the parcel (once a month minimum):

  • remove or report blowdowns
  • remove trash (in parking lots, on trails, at campsites)
  • refill map boxes
  • watch for encroachment and dumping

To be done once or twice a year, as conditions warrant:

  • brush out trails or do selective pruning

More general needs to keep an eye on:

  • reblazing
  • repairs to structures (kiosks, signs, boardwalks, bridges, platforms)
  • degraded trail conditions, such as muddiness or erosion
  • Illegal uses, such as ATVs, snowmobiling, or hunting

Identifying special project needs:

  • new construction (boardwalks, bridges, platforms)
  • vernal pools for certification
  • invasives ID and removal
  • native plant protection
  • timber and meadow management


  • respond to requests and questions in emails and phone calls from each other.
  • attend monthly meetings, or let the chair know that you cannot attend.
  • understand and abide by open meeting law requirements

Last Reviewed: Feb 2004